Recessed spotlights in combination with halogen lamps were born. Over the years and with the

advancement of knowledge and innovation, LED technology has evolved. The biggest advantage of LED

recessed spotlights is their low heating, which increases the range of application of these models.

Energy saving and environmental friendliness are the other two strengths of LED downlights:

- Cost reduction of up to 60% compared to halogen lamps;

- long life of the LED lamp (about 50,000 hours);

Since we have already talked about LED lighting in this article, our focus today is on LED recessed


Choice of light colour

With LED technology, you can choose between cold, natural and warm light and adjust the intensity

according to your taste. In some cases, you can even create the right atmosphere by inserting a dimmer,

allowing you to easily adjust the light intensity depending on the time of day or your needs.


The light from LED recessed spotlights is powerful and direct despite their small size and compactness.

LED spotlights are the ideal solution for many different interior scenarios: thanks to their small volume,

they take up little space and do not steal the scene of more important and scenic furnishings. Although

small and inconspicuous, LED recessed spotlights guarantee perfect illumination in every corner of the

room and pleasant lighting effects in the room. The advantage of this lighting model is that it can

enhance the space. Recessed spotlights are suitable as primary and direct light sources as well as

secondary or courtesy light.

For those who prefer a simple, minimalist style with an essential design, LED downlights are the perfect

lighting complement.

Many different types of LED downlights

The first big difference between the different LED downlight models lies in their shape. Most of them are

flat and almost invisible, but more and more designers are offering adjustable models designed to

highlight a specific area of the room.

The peculiarity of LED downlights, as the name suggests, is their ability to be integrated into the ceiling

or false ceiling, especially if the overall height is relatively low. While most LED recessed spotlights are

suitable for the top of the room, there are also models that are suitable for the floor or the lower part of

the walls: the in-ground spotlights.

The materials from which the recessed spotlights are made can also vary. On the INTOLED website you

will find all types of recessed spotlights.

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How to choose recessed spotlights?

In order to choose your recessed spotlight correctly and consciously, you need to take into account some

basic parameters, such as:

The volume of the room in which we will install our recessed spotlights, the width of the room and the

presence of any false ceiling in which we can install them.

The distance between one spotlight and the next, or rather, the amount of light needed to properly

illuminate a hallway, kitchen workbench, living room, rather than a bathroom.

The color of light, because with LED technology it is possible to choose the degree of color shade

emitted by the downlight lamp (warm light, natural light or cold light).

Adjustable or fixed light: more and more often in recessed spotlights, the parabola is adjustable to direct

the light beam onto a wall detail, a niche or a darker area; with spotlights with a fixed lens, on the other

hand, you have a kind of diffuse light downwards.

For recessed spotlights for the bathroom, check the IP rating for moisture: The minimum protection here

must be IP44 so that you are protected against splashing water and moisture.

Installation in a false ceiling or wall: If you install the spotlight in a plasterboard ceiling, you do not need

any accessories. If, on the other hand, the LED spotlight is installed directly in a brick ceiling or wall, you

must also buy the false ceiling in which the spotlight will be installed.

Choose your partner for LED lighting INTOLED 

Where should LED recessed spotlights be installed?

The most common places where this type of lighting is installed are the bathroom, kitchen, hallway and

stairs. The installation of a recessed spotlight is quite simple, but we advise you to consult a professional

to avoid incorrect electrical connections that could damage the object in question or cause system

failures. LED downlights are also great for lighting a kitchen countertop, showcase, niche or the inside of